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Always be prepared for incidents that harm children

Time:2020-09-10 14:07:25Views:
“Children’s play is inherently dangerous. In addition to hoping for safety supervision, parents as guardians must accompany them at all times to prevent accidents. At the same time, in order to avoid cross-contamination due to lax disinfection, parents should stay away from'three nos' play Ways, try to decide on a model business place." Experts suggest that parents should not let their children play with those that are particularly old, tools that are ragged or rusty, wires are exposed, there are abnormal noises during operation, or abnormal tweaks, etc. The fun way. If there are too many people in the free play area, let the children wait. If there are children who are particularly tall and want to play especially naughty, ask the children to wait. In an environment where safety cannot be ensured, do not let your children go to the exam to do some dangerous actions, such as jumping from a height, rolling down, or rolling back and forth.
   How can the hygiene of the children’s playground be guaranteed? Most of the Children’s Paradise Incident staff said that they would remove the dirt on the ground at any time and conduct a comprehensive disinfection regularly. And most amusement parks do not clearly indicate which amusement methods are suitable for children of which age group to play. Therefore, there are many young children in the park who are playing changing lobs, strange trees, and so on. Method, some children almost slipped from the play method, the thrilling level made people sweat! .
   In recent years, there have been many indoor children's playgrounds in our city. In these children's playgrounds, new amusement methods such as changing slides, ocean ball pools, cork blocks, trampolines, etc. make children enjoy it. However, the reporter discovered through an experiential investigation that some indoor children's playgrounds in our city have hidden health and safety hazards to varying degrees. But everyone should understand that the child's body is not very good, and if the child gets sick, not only the parents will be affected and the child will also suffer.