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Steps of inflatable product design

Time:2020-09-10 14:05:30Views:
The design of inflatable products roughly goes through the following design steps:
   1. Import of information: Pay attention to the collection of cartoons and shapes, absorb useful things from them, add creative and individual things that boldly use imagination, and record these design ideas.
   2. Material cut pieces: the cut pieces of inflatable products are similar to clothing pieces, but the pieces of clothing are more regular, while the pieces of inflatable products are ever-changing, and each set of cut pieces determines a three-dimensional animal shape , It determines the appearance of the design, it is also the most complicated and cumbersome design.
   3. Trial production of design samples: This process can also be said to be the process of repeatedly modifying and trial-manufacturing the designed pieces and finally reaching the closest design effect drawing. Of course, it is better to achieve the same effect as the design effect drawing or even exceed it. .
   4. Determine the piece: After trial production, we will determine the piece with the best effect and draw it down, including materials, colors, etc.
     After confirming the pieces, our design comes to an end, and then there is a coordination between design and production. Designers need to guide workers in production, so that the products designed will continue to flood the market.
   5. Concentration of information: After designing ideas, the next step is to screen these plans and select the best design for modification.
   6. Determining the plan: The design should be from different angles, according to various indicators, weigh various factors, and determine the final plan after comprehensive consideration.
   7. Design renderings: Design renderings are the best expression for us, and it requires color. Only in this way can we express our ideas to the design supervisor for discussion in order to achieve the best design effect.
   8. Three-dimensional picture: This is the most effective and simple method, it only requires black and white. It mainly simplifies the complex process of converting a two-dimensional concept to a three-dimensional concept. The three-dimensional piece drawing is to show all the molding lines that we need to cut and stitch.